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Pride and Prejudice and Zombies's user reviews

Entertainment Weekly

If more inventive than scary, 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' breathes fresh life into the hugely popular, but now desperately predictable, undead genre.

Read review Clark Collis

The movie passed the Bechdel test with flying colours and irony. Ultra-feminist Austen.

Read review Irene Crespo
Screen Daily

Hay un montón de 'Pride And Prejudice' y algo de poco destacable material zombie de bajo presupuesto. Pero la película es mucho menos que la suma de sus partes.

Read review Fionnuala Halligan
The A.V. Club

The movie feels bloodless, and not just because the gore is muted and computerized to stay within the boundaries of a PG-13 rating.

Read review Jesse Hassenger

A misshapen venture, a horror-comedy without much in the way of laughs or scares. And zombie purists beware: these biters don?t just run. They talk too.

Read review Nick de Semlyen
The Wrap

The essential problem here is that the story and characters of Austen's novel feel totally separate from the crass and pandering zombie plot overlay, so much so that some of it just doesn't make much sense.

Read review Dan Callahan

The result is rather bright (...) the show can be enjoyed even if you doesn't love the zombie subgenre.

Read review Antonio Weinrichter
El País

The film is not more than a (effective) joke established in interdisciplinarity and sampling.

Read review Javier Ocaña

Tolerable, but not handsome enough to tempt substantial audiences, 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' is in fact a moderately entertaining film (...) but awkward and unsatisfying.

Read review Andrew Barker
The Hollywood Reporter

It is a truth universally acknowledged that most people will do anything to make money (...) Lumbering, lifeless, and almost entirely charmless.

Read review Keith Uhlich
Time Out

A good looking, well acted but totally un-horrifying and unfunny adaptation.

Read review Tom Huddleston