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Ray & Liz's user reviews

The Telegraph

A portrait full of black humour of an England that shouldn't exist. The stories stand out, not for its dramatic shape, but for Billingham's eye for details.

Read review Robbie Collin

Snapshots that function as short stories of impressionistic intensity, in which Billingham demonstrates an unusual expertise to find poetry where another would only see a stop of monsters.

Read review Sergi Sánchez
The Guardian

It's like an unfinished fragment: interesting but frustrating. It is difficult to see and is both claustrophobic and open or incomplete, leaving the audience with questions.

Read review Peter Bradshaw

"El ingenio visual de Billingham está fuera de duda, y aquí además se apoya en el director de foto Daniel Landin (...) Voces distantes tan vívidas como las de Terence Davies, pero infinitamente más ásperas.

Read review Daniel De Partearroyo
Screen Daily

Richard Billingham brings a distinctive sensibility. It is worth noting the beautiful, subtle and heartbreaking performance of Joshua Milard Lloyd.

Read review Allan Hunter
New York Times

Played with an absolute commitment by the cast, 'Ray & Liz' is a discreetly heartbreaking film.

Read review Glenn Kenny
El Periódico

"From the static image that tells it all with a gesture, the light and framing to the moving image, agitated, tense and with dialogues that show the swirlome of the characters. Billingham nudes.

Read review Quim Casas
Roger Ebert

A brutal film about brutality. Reducing the emotional side and setting aside observations and empathy, Billingham reveals much of the consequences of his story.

Read review Neil Minow

Billingham's visual ingenuity is beyond doubt and here he also relies on photo director Daniel Landin. Distant voices as vivid as those of Terence Davies, but infinitely rougher.

Read review Daniel De Partearroyo
The Hollywood Reporter

An intensely observed feature film. Affection and respect for subjects is palpable.

Read review Leslie Felperin

A cinematografical memories remarkable and peculiar. 'Ray & Liz' is formally impressive and rigorous, and without losing an iota of emotional strength.

Read review Guy Lodge
El País

Closed framing, a taste for methnymy and almost-onyric framing make it clear that behind a poet's gaze licks the gaze of a poet.

Read review Jordi Costa