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Screen Daily

"In many ways, the film is an act of impersonation, not least stylistically. Louis Garrel jettisons his usual, often distractingly narcissistic mannerisms to totally submerge himself in an evocation of Godard that isn?t just imitation."

Read review Jonathan Romney

"Hazanavicius views this period as a sea change in the history of cinema: the moment when Jean-Luc Godard slipped through the looking glass, never to return."

Read review Owen Gleiberman
The Guardian

"It sometimes looks as if Hazanavicius is trying to clone a Godard film in a more commercially accessible remastered style, like Soderbergh?s remake of Solaris."

Read review Peter Bradshaw

"Stacy Martin conjures a remarkable, tender performance that?s the opposite of the horny teen she portrayed in the first of ?Nymphomaniac.?

Read review Eric Kohn
The Playlist

"It?s not really about Godard. It?s not a biopic, nor a commentary on his universal cinematic influence. The film is based on Godard?s ex-wife Anne Wiazemsky?s novel ?Un An Après?(?A Year After?) and focuses on the rise and fall of the couple?s marriage."

Read review Nikola Grodanovic

"Louis Garrel tries to imitate to caricatured still absurd Godard [...]. While, Annne Wiazemsky remains so absent of the story -excepting for show the naked body constantly[...]-."

Read review Daniel de Partearroyo