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ÚLTIMA HORA Aparece el cadáver de Laura Luelmo, la maestra desaparecida en Huelva

School Life's user reviews

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"'School Life' adds a vital perspective on a particular form of education, highlighting most notably that with the right educators and the right environment, it can ? and should be ? a joyous, mind-opening experience."

Read review Gary Garrison
The A.V. Club

"It?s the kind of school that could never exist in today?s America: It?s too freewheeling, too unstructured. Maybe it won?t exist in Ireland much longer either, so it?s a good thing that 'School Life' manages to capture its weird, wonderful world."

Read review Josh Modell
Screen Daily

"Childhood is a mystery we endlessly come back to and a place the Leydens have never fully left; Ní Chianáin gives the viewer an intimate view of it in this unusual little story."

Read review Fionnula Halligan
Los Angeles Times

"'School Life' is as charming, intimate and warm-hearted an observational documentary as you'd ever want to see."

Read review Kenneth Turan

"But mostly, we see John and Amanda teaching by not-teaching. And we the school, after our brief time there, realizing that we?ve learned something too."

Read review Stephanie Zacharek