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Someone Great's user reviews

El Periódico

'Someone Great' gather two films in one: It is a relaxed comedy with characters facing maturity or try to avoid it, but it never moves away from the romantic drama about the boom and fall of a couple.

Read review Juan Manuel Freire
Rolling Stone

"Congratulations, Gina Rodriguez, you are now one of the coolest fictional Rolling Stone music journalists in movie history".

Read review Rob Sheffield

"It honors the spirit of the dearly departed Sex and the City, even as it better reflects the diversity of the population in a city like New York".

Read review Stephanie Zacharek
The Guardian

"The debut film from Jennifer Kaytin Robinson never strays from the genre?s cliches".

Read review Jake Nevins
The Washington Post

"'Someone Great' is good. But the soundtrack is even better".

Read review Sonia Rao
New York Times

"The film succeeds in capturing the way that certain places and songs can take on a life of their own, triggering sense memories of the moments associated with them".

Read review Karen Han