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Sorry to Bother You's user reviews

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Prepare yourself for something truly unexpected

Read review Gregory Ellwood
Screen Daily

Though riginal and weird enough to stand out in the marketplace, Sorry to Bother You is hit-and-miss, alternatingly socially-conscious and ludicrous, packing in so many ideas that it doesn?t always cohere

Read review Antohny Kaufman

Leaves you with the impression that even the most ridiculous moments contain some tidbits of truth

Read review Eric Kohn
Roger Ebert

It is a hilarious, moving, crazy, ambitious piece of satire, a film that?s inspired by visual artists like Michel Gondry (...) Lakeith Stanfield gives his best performance to date

Read review Brian Tallerico
The Hollywood Reporter

But while the filmmaking is raw, undisciplined and groaning under a cargo of self-conscious quirks, it scores points for originality and wacky creativity, which no doubt will earn it avid supporters.

Read review David Rooney
Rolling Stone

The perfect movie for our current paranoid.

Read review David Fear