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'Spotlight' trivia and fun facts

Michael Keaton spent days with the real Walter Robinson to learn how to emulate him properly.
During every break, Mark Ruffalo asked the real Michael Rezendes to say his lines for him.
The real Walter Robinson said on michael Keaton ''It is like watching yourself in a mirror, yet having no control of the mirror image''.
Matt Damon was considered for the role of Michael Rezendes which went to Mark Ruffalo.
Mark Ruffalo asked the real Michael Rezendes, "Can I listen to you yell at someone?"
Tom McCarthy cited Veredicto final (1982) and Sidney Lumet's style direction in that film as influence of this project.
The screen typography (for credits, title cards) is set in Miller, the typeface that the Globe uses for most headlines and body copy.
This is the second movie Michael Keaton has done about the newspaper industry after The Paper (Detrás de la noticia) (1994).
The real Walter V. Robinson said: "My persona has been hijacked. If Michael Keaton robbed a bank, the police would quickly have me in handcuffs".
When Michael Keaton accepted the role, he had tracked the real Walter V. Robinson before meeting him and lived near Robinson's house without him knowing. He also gotten hold of video and audio of Robinson. When Michael Keaton first met him he did an impression of him that Walter V. Robinson was so scared and said to him how did you know everything about me, we just met?