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'Star Trek: Beyond' trivia and fun facts

The release date of 'Star Trek: Beyond' has been pushed back to summer 2016 to concur with the original TV series' 50th anniversary.
One rumor said that they wanted to make a Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner reunion in 'Star Trek: Beyond' but Shatner hadn't said yes to the agreement. With Nimoy's death, they had to erase any Spock Prime scenes, but it is unknown if a possible William Shatner cameo is still on their plans.
'Star Trek: Beyond' is the 13th movie in the franchise.
J.J. Abrams couldn't come back to direct 'Star Trek: Beyond' because he was too busy with 'Star Wars'. Joe Cornish, Brad Bird and Jon M. Chu were considered to replace him. It was decided that Roberto Orci, writer of the two first new 'Star Trek' films, would be the new director, but he was fired on December 2014. Justin Lin got the job after beating Edgar Wright, Rupert Wyatt, Morten Tyldum, Duncan Jones and Daniel Espinosa.
This is the first Star Trek movie that is not shot in 35 mm.
The world premiere of 'Star Trek: Beyond' will take place in IMAX® format at Comic-Con International in San Diego on July 20, 2016, on the grounds of Pier Marina Park South. It will be the first release in IMAX outdoor history and will feature a live concert by the San Diego Symphony Orchestra.
J.J. Abrams declined to return to direct the third film because of his directorial obligations on Star Wars: El despertar de la fuerza (2015). Abrams will stay on as a producer
The first Star Trek film ever to be shot primarily in Vancouver, British Columbia, and not in Hollywood. All existing sets, including those of the USS Enterprise, will be rebuilt from scratch in a large studio in Vancouver.