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'Sully' trivia and fun facts

First work together First collaboration between Clint Eastwood and Tom Hanks.
Biographies director Clint Eastwood's fourth biographical film in a row, after 'J. Edgar', 'Jersey Boys' and 'American Sniper' and his seventh overall.
Image technology Filmed entirely using IMAX cameras.
Possible actor An american newspaper stated in 2015 that Eastwood gave Doris Day a copy of the script, she loved it and was tempted to return to the big screen, this turned out to be a false rumour.
Old colleagues Laura Linney and Aaron Eckhart had worked together previously on the 90s TV sitcom 'Frasier' where they portrayed a young couple.
True story This film is based on real events told in Sullenberger's autobiography. This pilot, portrayed by Tom Hanks, managed to prevent a deadly plane crash in 2009 when he ditched his plane on Hudson River, in what is now known as the 'Hudson River Miracle'.