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Summer of 84's user reviews

The Hollywood Reporter

Mystery-wise, the film teases viewers pretty effectively, with plenty of jolts that suggest the boys are on the right track balanced by other signs they're making something out of nothing.... But with a couple of small exceptions, attempts to flesh out the teen characters don't work very well.

Read review John DeFore
The A.V. Club

The film?s dialogue and characterization are similarly undercooked: The script strains painfully hard for off-the-cuff vulgarity, but never quite achieves it.

Read review Katie Rife

Summer of ?84 is only cute and competent enough to be diverting; it?s neither funny nor scary enough to leave a lasting impression.

Read review Dennis Harvey
Roger Ebert

If the lazy writing isn?t bugging you, the truly lackluster performances will get the job done.

Read review Brian Tallerico