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The Legend of Tarzan's user reviews

The Hollywood Reporter

Beautifully done (...) This is, really, the best non-animated Tarzan picture in more than a decade (...) and offers a good balance between drama and action

Read review Todd McCarthy
Time Out

The king of the jungle returns to wow us all with his swinging style and spectacular pecs (...) This high-energy, big-budget new spin on the old Tarzan story is fun to watch (...)

Read review Dave Calhoun
USA Today

While it looks great with its gorgeous computer-generated foliage and realistic animals, the story focuses too much on its stiff hero and a one-note villain rather than the big-picture ideas it raises in passing

Read review Brian Truitt

An adventure story without the adventure (...) Yates? reinterpretation of the Lord Of The Jungle is a big disappointment (...)

Read review Chris Hewitt

By turning Tarzan into just another superhero, David Yates' blockbuster origin story wastes one of literature's great wild men

Read review David Ehrlich
New York Times

'The Legend of Tarzan' has a whole lot of fun (...) but what makes it more enjoyable than other recycled stories of this type is that the filmmakers have given Tarzan a thoughtful, imperfect makeover

Read review Manohla Dargis
Chicago Sun-Times

While the talented cast and a solid director make for a serviceable and intermittently entertaining adventure, there's very little about this film that screams, YOU GOTTA SEE THIS

Read review Richard Roeper
The Guardian

An inherently problematic remake (...) The Legend of Tarzan ends up being a garbled, clunky production that tries to please everyone and ends up pleasing no one (...)

Read review Jordan Hoffman

'The Legend of Tarzan' is sequel, origin story and racially sensitive revisionist history lesson all in one (...) between this and last year?s ?Pan,? evidence suggests Warner Brothers ought to leave the live-action reboots to Disney

Read review Peter Debruge