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Thank you for your service's user reviews

Entertainment Weekly

Thank You For Service is so successful at capturing the Iraq War?s effects on American lives.

Read review Christian Holub

There?s a raw honesty here that could have benefited from a surer hand.

Read review David Ehrlich
The Wrap

The story undertakes an undeniably worthy subject. But 'Thank You for Your Service' has too many moments that fall flat, seem unlikely, or don?t elicit the desired response.

Read review Claudia Puig
New York Times

'Thank You For Your Service' makes an emotional plea in a direct, effective way.

Read review Ben Kenigsberg
The A.V. Club

The stumbling blocks do stack up, standing in the way of Hall?s best intentions. Read

Read review Jesse Hassenger
The Guardian

Hall?s marching in lockstep with a lengthy platoon of directors who have already blazed this same path through enemy territory.

Read review Charles Bramesco