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'The Breadwinner' trivia and fun facts

Children's novel 'The Breadwinner' is based on the children's novel 'Bread of War' whose context also centers on Afghanistan.
The only film nominated This is the only film nominated for best animated feature at the 2018 Oscars not produced in the United States.
The first feature film The Breadwinner was the first feature film project for Guru Studio.
Afghan actors Many of the characters, particularly the main characters, are voiced by Afghan actors.
Poetry by Rumi The book that's being read in the real world and the fantasy world sequences in the film is the same. It's a volume of poetry by Rumi.
Letters Members of the Afghan Women's Organization wrote the letters seen on the screen, so that the animators could copy every detail of the script for the film.
The singing of a girl The singing of a girl heard in moments of hope is a recording of the Nahid Women Choir of the Aghanistan National Institute of Music made in Kabul. This choir is also heard singing at the very end of the end credits.
Empires When Parvana's father told her about the history of their land, he mentioned Persia, Macedonia, Mauryan empire, and skipped to Genghis Khan. It seems that he only mentioned foreign empires that conquered Afghanistan but skipped native based great empires such as the Bactrian Empire or the Kushan Empire.