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The Brothers Grimsby videos and trailers

Mark Strong: "There was a lot of scenes that we crack up with"

We interview Mark Strong, one of the protagonists of 'The Brothers Grimsby' to talk about his experience filming this crazy comedy.

In bed with Nobby, 'The Brothers Grimsby'

One of our weirdest interviews: we end up in bed with Sacha Baron Cohen's new character

Isla Ficher: "Maybe I'm a little sick and disturbed girl but I love funny and crazy scenes"

We interview the actress Isla Fisher about the movie 'Agente Contrainteligente'

Sacha Baron Cohen Shows EXTREMELY Graphic Movie Clip to Kimmel Audience

The star of 'The Grimsby Brothers' shows the audience of Jimmy Kimmel the most graphic, hilarious and uncomfortable scene in the film.

'The Brothers Grimsby' spanish trailer

The film, directed by Louis Leterrier, involves a british black-ops spy (Mark Strong) whose idiotic brother (Sacha Baron Cohen) is a football hooligan.

'The Brothers Grimsby' Red Band Trailer

An elite agent will have to clean up every mess his idiot brother make