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The Dinner's user reviews


Moverman balances the potential for staginess with his flowing cinematic bravura; he keeps surprising you, and he gives the drama a dash of poison elegance.

Read review Owen Gleiberman
The Hollywood Reporter

A high-carat cast...tears into the juicy material with relish for the most part, but by trying to keep the prolonged sit-down affair from becoming excessively stagey, Moverman adds too many distracting flashbacks to maintain the original's hard-hitting and well-aimed gut punch.

Read review Boyd van Hoeij
The Wrap

At once a darkly comic social satire, a pitch-black moral thriller and an earnest plea to recognize mental illness, 'The Dinner' is a seven-layer dip overflowing with compelling individual ingredients that, when mixed together, make the finished dish awfully difficult to digest.

Read review Ben Croll
The Guardian

The sclerotic staginess of 'The Dinner' means this is one to miss.

Read review Peter Bradshaw