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The Distinguished Citizen's user reviews

El Mundo

An intelligent and fierce comedy, that entertains the audience appealing to their complicity.

Read review Alberto Bermejo
La Vanguardia

There are movies that keep you on the edge of your set. Because they keep you guessing or because they are simply uncomfortable to watch. 'The distinguished citizen' adds this two types of sensations, the growing attention and the embarrassment. Of course, it does not leave you indifferent.

Salvador Llopart
La Vanguardia

Read review Alicia García de Francisco

A dark humored film that challenges viewers at all times.

Read review Pablo A. Scholz
El País

'The Distinguished Citizen' is as original as it is smart (...) a comedy that is almost always fierce. The dialogue is very carefully written and the situations never cease to amaze you. You smile once in a while but, first of all, it leaves you with a worrying sensation. It also has a very good, restrained, natural and sarcastic actor called Oscar Martinez.

Read review Carlos Boyero

Oscar Martinez, wonderful representative of the satire.

Read review Sergi Sánchez
Screen Daily

Mostly it's the script, performances and sure sense of comic timing that make Cohn and Duprat's follow-up to The Man Next Door such a delight.

Read review Lee Marshall