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The Equalizer videos and trailers

Interview with Denzel Washington, 'The Equalizer'

We talked to the star of Antoine Fuqua's new action flick, also starring Chloë Grace Moretz

Clip 'The Equalizer'

Denzel Washington kills some Russian mobsters in just about 30 seconds in this scene from the latest film by Antoine Fuqua.

Trailer 'The Equalizer: El protector' #3

Denzel Washington will protect Chloe Grace Moretz being battered in the new film director of 'Mission Impossible' Antoine Fuqua.

Trailer 'The Equalizer' #2

Denzel Washington gets into the skin of a former Special Operations command will try to protect a young woman who need to be saved.

Trailer 'The Equalizer'

Robert McCall will do his best to protect a mysterious young woman from a group of Russian gangsters