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Escape Room's user reviews

The Wrap

It?s a movie about escape rooms that literally kill you, and if you?re willing to buy into that premise, it?s about as good as a movie with that premise could probably be.

Read review William Bibbiani
The Hollywood Reporter

Despite the early threat of torture-porn, 'Escape Room' is less sadistic than relentless, pausing only once to catch its breath and let our heroes spill enough of their secrets to make sense of things.

Read review John DeFore
The Guardian

A very cinematic spatial impossibility is conjured up by Robitel as he allows the audience to ponder how exactly these rooms are supposed to fit together. The film has a vicious streak of throwaway black comedy.

Read review Peter Bradshaw
The A.V. Club

the escape-room scenes themselves (a.k.a. the good stuff) are imaginatively conceived and deftly executed enough to justify a late-night cable viewing.

Read review Katie Rife
Roger Ebert

A sometimes diverting, but overly familiar series of set pieces in search of a good melodrama.

Read review Simon Abrams

Escape Room Is a Tight, Thoroughly Fun Thriller

Read review Emily Yoshida
Los Angeles Times

Still, it?s a mostly fun, logic-be-damned ride if you just stay in the moment and don?t think too deeply as the going gets tough ? which is soon enough.

Read review Gary Goldstein

For all its of-the-moment charms, ?Escape Room? can?t shake its more basic genre trappings, eventually giving itself over to tired and predictable revelations and flimsy twists.

Read review Kate Erbland
New York Times

There are intimations of ?Tales From the Crypt,? ?Final Destination,? ?The Game,? and other older, better films here; this movie never catches a fire like any of those did. But the movie is keeping me even further away from real-life escape rooms than I already had been.

Read review Glenn Kenny
Rolling Stone

The best thing you can say about Escape Room is that for most of it, you?re not desperately searching for the exit sign.

Read review David Fear