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'The Impossible' trivia and fun facts

During the shooting of the film, the family in which the story of 'The Impossible' is based, was present to give advice, especially to Naomi Watts, actress who plays the character of Maria Belon.
Some of the scenes of the film were shot in the hotel where the Belon family stayed when the tsunami hit. But a scale model was used for showing the destruction caused by the disaster.
The scene when the tsunami impacts the hotel was recorded only once. It would cost too much to rebuild the set to shoot it again.
In the beginning of 'The Impossible' a jet is heard because that is how Maria Belon described the sound of the tsunami.
Took a year to completely finished the sequence of 10 minutes when the wave hits the hotel in Khao Lak.
The actors playing the main characters, Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor, had previously been a couple in the film 'Stay'.
'The Impossible' was one of the last films produced in the Alicante studio 'City of Light' which soon had to close because of the low number of films they produced.
According to the actress Naomi Watts producers of the film took the idea of a Spanish radio program where the Belon family told their experience.
Many of the extras in the film are tsunami survivors.
Blacklist named the 'The Impossible' as one of the most anticipated films of the year in 2010.