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The Infiltrator's user reviews


"Bryan Cranston gives the most authentic and lived-in performance as an agent pretending to be a criminal that I have ever seen".

Read review Owen Gleiberman

"A stylish and well-acted espionage thriller, The Infiltrator is also naggingly familiar".

Read review Eric Kohn
The Hollywood Reporter

"Cranston turns every moment of duplicity, which is to say nearly every scene of The Infiltrator, into an emotionally textured high-wire act".

Read review Sheri Linden
The Wrap

"At times, The Infiltrator feels like a movie we've seen before, but deft performances and Furman's sharp sense of the era transform it into an engrossing drama".

Read review Claudia Puig
Screen Daily

"A moderately engaging thriller that coasts along without ever evolving into the more riveting character study it has the potential to be".

Read review Tim Grierson