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The Kid's user reviews

Chicago Sun-Times

Pratt is that good at shifting gears, and screenwriter Andrew Lanham and actor-director Vincent D?Onofrio are that good when it comes to crafting an outlandish and original take on the legend of Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, as told from a unique point of view.

Read review Richard Roeper
The Wrap

Vincent D'Onofrio's movie is a maudlin, violent affair that wants us both to admire and to understand the two Old West luminaries, but all it really does is remind us that famous people should seldom if ever be seen as role models.

Read review Todd Gilchrist
New York Times

Lacking a robust narrative, D?Onofrio desperately spackles over gaps with hackneyed close-ups of faces well versed in romancing a camera.

Read review Jeannette Catsoulis
Roger Ebert

The relegation of female characters to the sidelines is depressing for a film released in 2019, especially because it seems entirely possible to have a film looking at masculinity without reducing women to archetypes. In the world of 'The Kid', there are mothers and virgins and girlfriends and whores, all of whom seem to exist entirely in relation to the men they watch fearfully from the sidelines.

Read review Arielle Bernstein

For a story that is partly about the violence and hatred faced by women in the Old West, the female characters are given relatively little to do, being mostly left to suffer in the background.

Read review Bilge Ebiri