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'The Last Face' trivia and fun facts

Sean Sean Penn starred 'The Gunman' which Javier Bardem was also a cast member.
Festival It was presented in the Official competition section at the 69th edition Cannes Film Festival.
Bardem Javier Bardem always wanted to participate in the project. The Spanish actor is a strong activist and advocate for refugees. Co-produced and starred in 'Sons of the clouds, the last colony', a documentary about the consequences of colonization of Western Sahara where almost 200,000 people live in camps.
Producer The producer Matt Palmieri said that "the first name on the list of actresses for the role of Wren was Charlize Theron". Palmieri said that "besides being an incredible performer, Theron has a lot of humanitarian consciousness and has set up an NGO to help orphans in South Africa."
Cast The casting of the film is plurinational: Javier Bardem (Spain), Charlize Theron (South Africa), Jean Reno and Adèle Exarchopoulos (France), Zubin Cooper (Liberia), Jared Harris (UK), Ebby Weyime (Kenya) and Bronwyn Reed (United States), are just some examples.
Music Hans Zimmer is the composer of the soundtrack, which features vocalists Eddie Vedder, Mary J. Blige and Suki Waterhouse.
Care In addition to working closely with the UN and several NGOs, the filmmakers had advisers of South Sudan and Liberia during the filming and preparations.