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The Salesman's user reviews


Another finely cut gem of neorealist suspense. (...) 'The Salesman' is even more low-key, minimal and contained than the earlier Farhadi films.

Read review Owen Gleiberman
The Guardian

The sheer IQ of Farhadi's film-making makes this very watchable (...) 'The Salesman' is a well-crafted, valuable drama.

Read review Peter Bradshaw

It is so good that is one of those works in which you do not hesitate that the second time you watch it will be even better.

Read review Oti Rodríguez Marchante
El Periódico

Farhadi explores with a master ability topics like honor codes, family tensions and concepts like justice (...) It is not so good as 'Nader and Simin'. It has not the social complexity and his subtlety.

Read review Nando Salvá
The Hollywood Reporter

Lacking the astounding social complexity of 'A Separation', the gears in 'The Salesman' are not so hidden and a sense of contrived drama leads to some tedious sections. But all is forgiven when the final punches are delivered.

Read review Deborah Young
El Mundo

Is a piece with an almost humiliating perfection, because this is in which humiliation consists. (...) Farhadi recovers again his existential, human and hurt handwriting of his best works.

Read review Luis Martínez
El País

Farhadi describes all of this with such a fine way, conscious of the complexity of the humanity (...) His films always touch your heart. Everything what he tells disturbs you, he has a first-class language.

Read review Carlos Boyero