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'The Secret Life of Pets' trivia and fun facts

Eric Stonestreet first animated film.
Louis C.K. and Kevin Hart's first animated film.
This is Kevin Harts second time playing a villain associated with a bunny. He last played a villain named "Big Bunny" in "Fools Gold."
This will be Steve Coogan's third animated movie. The other two are Gru 2. Mi villano favorito (2013) and Los Minions (2015).
This will be Albert Brook's fourth animated movie. The other three are Buscando a Nemo (2003), The Simpsons Movie and Buscando a Dory (2016).
The Gemeliers duo integrated by Jesus and Daniel Oviedo Morilla brothers, puts music to the film playing one of the main tracks in the Spanish version.
'The Secret Life of Pets' is the best animation movie release in United Kingdom with more than 14 million of dollars.
Best opening of the year 'The Secret Life of Pets' has become the biggest opening weekend of 2016 with 4.05 million euros.