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Year: 2015
Original Title: The Swedish Theory Of Love
Length: 76 minutes
Genre: Documentary
Studios: Fasad
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Release Dates

United Kingdom: June 24 2016


Ranking: 9,965 out of 16,407 movies (up 2416)


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The topic defined Sweden as a model of perfect society with a high quality of life, but is it really a happy country? Perhaps the most autonomous and independent population of the world is unhappy. Without the need to ask for help or favors, human contact is reduced to a minimum. More and more single mothers who have children with artificial insemination. The number of people dying alone increases year after year. Worth taking the isolation and loneliness to have an autonomous and independent life. The iconoclastic director Erik Gandini explores the Swedish lifestyle with a sense of humor, reflecting on how a safe and easy life can become an empty and lonely existence. The film premiered was at the Stockholm International Film Festival.