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Tomb Raider's user reviews


A reboot of the high-flying action-adventure series is built - surprisingly well - around the soulfully serious intensity of its star, Alicia Vikander.

Read review Owen Gleiberman
The Wrap

Tomb Raider towers above most of its peers by being merely OK.

Read review Alonso Duralde
Screen Crush

By the standards of video game movies, Tomb Raider is not terrible, but by the standards of video game movies Plan 9 From Outer Space is practically an Oscar winner.

Read review Matt Singer
The Playlist

Tomb Raider is superficial even for a mainstream tentpole, clumsily and unpersuasively put together and tests and breaks suspension of disbelief at every turn.

Read review Rodrigo Pérez
The Verge

ikander doesn?t do much with a character whose chief attribute is earnestness, but Tomb Raider improves once it gets to the island.

Read review Scott Tobias

It?s a different kind of Tomb Raider, certainly. But for an adventure film, it?s disconcertingly dull. Read full review

Read review John Nugent
The Hollywood Reporter

When all the one-dimensional supporting characters and familiar action moves fall by the wayside, the one thing left standing is Vikander.

Read review Todd McCarthy