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'Trolls World Tour' trivia and fun facts

News directors In the direction of this re-repeat Mike Mitchell, who has already taken care of the previous one. However, Daron Nefcy and Lee Unkrich join.
From Pixar to Dreamworks 'Trolls 2: World Tour' marks Lee Unkrich's leap from Pixar to Dreamworks, having directed in the flexo company films as mythical as 'Toy Story 3' or 'Coco'.
2020s secquel This is the first DreamWorks Animation sequel of the 2020s.
Mike Mitchell Mike Mitchell left the project to direct La LEGO película 2 (2019).
A new franchise 'Trolls' (2016) is DreamWorks Animation's fifth film to become a franchise, after 'Shrek' (2001), 'Madagascar' (2005), 'Kung Fu Panda' (2008), and 'How to train your dragon' (2010).
TV Specials Takes place before the events of the TV special Trolls: Días de fiesta (2017) and the TV spinoff Trolls: ¡No pierdas el ritmo! (2018).
20th Century Fox 'Trolls' (2016) is DreamWorks Animation's first film that had been distributed by 20th Century Fox to become a franchise.