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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets's user reviews


?Valerian? manages to be both cutting-edge and delightfully old-school ? the kind of wild, endlessly creative thrill ride that only the director of ?Lucy? and ?The Fifth Element? could deliver, constructed as an episodic series of missions, featuring a mind-blowing array of environments and stunning computer-generated alien characters.

Read review Peter Debruge
Screen Crush

Besson?s space opera is weird and quirky in ways you?d never see in a contemporary American tentpole movie. That sense of weirdness and spirited personality ? along with Besson?s bonkers set pieces ? is what makes Valerian so unique and satisfying to watch.

Read review Erin Oliver Whitney

This is a movie with the density of a dying star, a movie that offers more things to see in every frame than you can find in some entire franchises. It?s a movie that features Herbie Hancock as a deep space defense minister, Rihanna as a shape-shifting alien stripper named Bubble, and Ethan Hawke as a guy named ?Jolly the Pimp,? and it?s a movie so full of stuff that those three characters barely manage to stand out.

Read review David Ehrlich
The Hollywood Reporter

The Razzies don't need to wait until the end of the year to anoint a winner for 2017. The Golden Turkey Awards should be republished with a new cover. Euro-trash is back, while sci-fi will need to lick its wounds for a while. Dane DeHaan, who has starred in two of the most egregiously bloated misfires of the year with A Cure for Wellness and now this, should do a couple of indie films, while Cara Delevingne needs to learn there is more to acting than smirking and eye-rolling.

Read review Todd McCarthy