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Vision's user reviews

El Periódico

At the end, the indubitable photogenicity of the bucolic scenery cannot compensate the dull rythm, nor the stupid enviromentalism, nor the lucky cookie mysticism.

Read review Nando Salvà
El Mundo

We are in front of the most self-indulgent and opulent eccentricity.

Read review Luis Martínez
The Hollywood Reporter

The soporific pace and twee quasi-environmentalist, semi-mystical guff about life cycles and dreams foretold will annoy some viewers.

Read review Leslie Felperin
El País

But her always magnetic presence (Juliette Binoche's) is not enough to avoid muy boredom with 'Vision' a nature ode with the hypersensitive Japanese director Naomi Kawase.

Read review Carlos Boyero

The final result is a mixed hessian bag of Kawase's best and worst creative impulses; still, buoyed by Binoche's ever-disarming presence, it should be her most widely distributed work to date.

Read review Guy Lodge
Caimán Cuadernos de Cine

The result is a cocktail that borders on the most naïve kitsch [...] without even Naomi Kawase herself being able to convey the feeling of knowing what really want to tell.

Read review Carlos F. Heredero