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White Boy Rick's user reviews

New York Post

Watching this young man's life fall apart because of his destructive community and family is harrowing.

Read review Johnny Oleksinski
Rolling Stone

It doesn't turn into another 'Goodfellas' story of crime and irony, [but] isn't saying much about the Reagan-era War on Drugs that you haven't heard before.

Read review David Fear

White Boy Rick ultimately feels like a glorified TV movie, albeit with a better cast and a much hipper score.

Read review Peter Debruge
The Washington Post

'White Boy Rick' is an engrossing-enough cautionary tale, if that's what it is. It's even an entertaining one, in an unsavory kind of way.

Read review Michael O'Sullivan
USA Today

'White Boy Rick' works better as a working-class father/son drama than a cautionary tale about the American judicial system, though it never comes together satisfactorily as either.

Read review Brian Truitt