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Wild Rose's user reviews

Rolling Stone

"Is anything but the same old underdog story. And chances are you?ll fall fast and hard for breakout star Jessie Buckley".

Read review Peter Travers

"'Wild Rose' tells a richly stirring human story, but by the time the movie reaches its final number, which Buckley performs with an incandescent star-is-born glow, it lets you experience what the glory of country music really is: an art torn straight from life itself."

Read review Owen Gleiberman
The Telegraph

"It is a commercial serious movie. What makes it so refreshing is that it denies to simplify the emotional part; it neither mislead nor sentimentalized (...)"

Read review Tim Robey

Jessie Buckley impresses again. A seemingly tame story becomes an interesting look to the responsibilities and rights of being a a mother with a dream.

Read review Terry White

"Buckley is unbelievably great (...) She?s a force of nature in every scene, but your heart stops beating whenever she starts to sing".

Read review David Ehrlich
The Guardian

"The story itself is a bit forced and contrived, with a soft centre that?s been overcooked. (...) Buckley provides a vitamin boost in every scene..."

Read review Peter Bradshaw
Screen Daily

Tom Harper knows how to get the best out of this young star.

Read review Fionnula Halligan
The Hollywood Reporter

Out of [some] familiar, predictable elements director Tom Harper and screenwriter Nicole Taylor have fashioned something entirely delightful, fresh as a Scottish summer evening.

Read review Leslie Felperin