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Wish Upon's user reviews

New York Times

The splatter is deployed cautiously and sometimes wittily, the story moving briskly from wishes granted to costs exacted with the help of familiar faces (including a warm Sherilyn Fenn as Clare?s surrogate mother) and a sympathetic lead.

Read review Jeannette Catsoulis
The A.V. Club

The real shame is that Joey King got yanked into this cut-rate crap.

Read review A.A. Dowd

Fortunately, you don?t need to wish for better versions of the movie experience Wish Upon calls to mind; they exist, and deserve repeat viewings far more than Wish Upon deserves one.

Read review Eric Kohn
The Hollywood Reporter

Much of the film?s effectiveness can be credited to King, who makes Shannon appealing even when acting selfishly. It?s also refreshing to see a teen character portrayed by an actual teenager as opposed to the usual twentysomething.

Read review Frank Scheck
The Guardian

This is carelessly made trash but worse, it?s carelessly made trash that thinks it will spawn not just a franchise but a cinematic universe

Read review Benjamin LeeJul