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Zip & Zap and the Marble Gang's user reviews

Cine Premiere

Technically speaking, it should not surprise us that the film could be nominated to several Goyas in technical categories, since it displays a rather good production design that pays special attention to the smallest detail.

Read review Luis Miguel Cruz
El País

'Zip & Zap And The Marble Gang', Óskar Santos's movie that will be the precursor of a wave of Bruguera's world adaptations, does not intend to stay loyal to the original source: in fact, I wonder if Santos have had ever read a Escobar comic in his life (even one).

Read review Jordi Costa
The Hollywood Reporter

There is thus very little that?s new on display here, and there is always the sense that the film makers are aiming to revive the staples of good old fashioned boys? stories for a modern audience.

Read review Jonathan Holland