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Armie Hammer's epic response to James Wood's homophobic tweet because of 'Call Me By Your Name'

Daveena Kataria Tuesday 12 September 2017

Since its premier at the Sundance Film Festival, it was pretty clear that 'Call Me By Your Name' would cause a stir. The film follows the summer romance between the 17 year old son of a university professor and a 24 year old student. Directed by Luca Guadagnino, the story is based on the novel by André Aciman.

One individual who didn't miss the 7 year age gap between the two protagonists is 'Once Upon A Time In America' and 'Casino' actor, James Woods. The star tweeted his distaste of the story line just yesterday and has since received backlash from both the public and other celebrities.

In a controversial move, Woods used the hashtag #NAMBLA in his tweet, letters which stand for the North American Man/Boy Love Association - an advocating movement for the abolishment of age-of-consent laws in the USA. This clear criticism of 'Call Me By Your Name' on Woods' behalf, is ironic given that he supposedly dated a 19 year old girl when he was 60! Such a fact was not missed by Armie Hammer, who plays Oliver, one of the protagonists in the film.

In one tweet, Hammer was able to identify not only James Woods' hypocrisy, but also his homophobia. Why does Woods condemn a 7 year age gap when he would've been 41 years older than the girl he allegedly dated? Does he deem the latter difference appropriate because it refers to a heterosexual relationship?

Armie Hammer

Further backlash

Amber Tamblyn, the actress who stars in '127 Hours' and 'Two And A Half Men' also had something to say.

Tamblyn's addition reignites the idea that there is a homophobic undertone to James Woods' initial tweet. The latter did eventually offer a general response to his critics, stating that Tamblyn's accusation is false. The whole ordeal is a typical case of "your word against mine", and it's likely we'll never know the truth.

Controversies aside, a film that is able to create such an uproar on social media even before its release, is definitely one worth watching. 'Call Me By Your Name' is set for US release late November.

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