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'Jumanji': Jack Black wants the sequel to take place in outer space

Daveena Kataria Monday 07 May 2018

It appears as though most films in this day and age attempt pretty much anything to ensure they'll be able to expand their universes through sequels and spin-offs in the future. One of the most recent films set for a sequel is 'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle'.


Given how well the film has done at the box office, a sequel is only logical. News of a storyline for a potential sequel have already passed but now one of the actors has spoken out. Jack Black believes the sequel should explore completely different territory to the 2017 success.

"I say we take this mother into space. 'Cause my question with Jumanji is, «What is this game? Who invented this game?» It has to be some alien technology. Am I right? Or it's some crazy jungle medicine man magic. I wanna know where it's from. Give me some f?king origins, y'all!", he told MTV.

'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle'

The remake of the 1995 classic tells the story of four secondary school students who find themselves stuck in the video-game universe of Jumanji. In the game, the children take on different appearances that correspond the characters they chose upon deciding to play. The film sees the four face off against the dangers of the jungle, come to terms with who they are and discover what Alan Parrish left behind around 20 years ago. Only upon beating the game will they be allowed to return to the real world.

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