Michael Keaton explains the big difference between 'Batman' and 'Spider-Man'

Josh Jones Friday 02 June 2017

We've been in the Golden Age of superhero movies for a few years now. Currently, between the Marvel Cinematographic Universe, DC and the X-Men franchise, we're just seeing superheroes everywhere. And since the genre is for the most part critically acclaimed and an incredible economic benefit to Hollywood, many actors are having the privilege of playing several comic book characters throughout their career. Both Josh Brolin and Chris Evans, who was the Human Torch before becoming Captain America, are an example of this, and now the legendary Michael Keaton is going to give life to the Vulture, one of the Spider-Man villains we will see in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'. However, the actor was also the first live action Batman to appear on the big screen with Tim Burton's first two films.


Since the actor has worked both in DC and in Marvel, during the interview he had on Ellen DeGeneres's program to promote 'Homecoming', he has been asked about the experience with each of the companies, and it turns out that they have been completely different. While talking to Ellen about his role in the Marvel universe, the actor revealed how the two production franchises are all about: "It's very different, they really are very, very different in terms of how movies are made. What Tim did, Tim Burton, which for me is... there is no one like him, he's really unique, he's an artist and I love working with him. Iron Man with all those other... There are so many characters. You have no idea how many characters there are in the Marvel world we have not even heard of yet."

With his participation as Vulture in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming', Michael Keaton has made evident his astonishment by the massive production that entails the Marvel Universe. It seems that the fact that they are not isolated films and that there is a narrative shared between the tapes of the different superheroes has completely disconcerted who for many is still the best Batman in the cinema.


Creative Regression

Contrary to the current workings of things in Marvel, let us remember that the first two Batman films were the fruit of the mind of a single person, its director. The films about Tim Burton's bat man were born from the success of 'Beetlejuice', also starring Keaton, and since they were released many have been the actors and directors who have praised their originality and vision in the realization. However, there were many less involved behind the projects at that time, so the director was able to take the reins and do things his way, leaving his personal brand latent in history, implementing its essence and features and focusing Ideas directly to where he wanted.

Perhaps this creative freedom and this way of working that they enjoyed in Batman and 'Batman Returns' had something to do with when, when the director dissociated himself from 'Batman Forever' because of Warner's demands, Keaton went with him.

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