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'Avengers: Infinity War': The Russo brothers open up about the importance of The Black Order

Daveena Kataria Friday 13 April 2018

There's one type of film that will always managed to get us all hyped up, and that's any Marvel Cinematic Universe production. Luckily for us, the next instalment in the franchise, 'Avengers: Infinity War' hits UK cinemas this 26th April. The storyline will focus on Thanos, a character who's been mentioned many a time in previous films, but it's in this upcoming production that we'll really get to know the super-villain and the team behind him, The Black Order. We were recently lucky enough to sit down with directors, the Russo brothers (Anthony & Joe), and managed to grill them about Thanos' "children" and what to expect from them.

Given the huge expectations we've got for Thanos' malevolence, the brothers admitted they had to work pretty hard to make sure no one would be left disappointed: "Thanos does a lot of really bad things in the movie which will make him highly memorable. The heroes are only as good as the villains".


Predicted success

Marvel films have always managed to cause an uproar at the box office, and that was most recently seen with the premiere of 'Black Panther'. Ever since the Superbowl trailer for 'Infinity War' dropped some weeks ago, the film has managed to surpass the combined total of Marvel's past seven films in terms of pre-sale tickets.

It's been predicted 'Infinity War' will bring in between $175-200 million during it's first weekend in the US. Thankfully, there's not long left until the film releases so we'll get to see the biggest collaboration of Marvel characters to date soon enough.

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