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The successful 'Paranormal Activity', written and directed by Oren Peli, was the beginning of a franchise that already has 6 films that focus on the world of the paranormal, where fear is born of the images captured by video cameras that shows different terrifying presences.

Peli, who didn't repeated in the direction after the first installment, but continued linked to the project as a screenwriter for the other films that are part of the saga, directed by Tod Williams, Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, Christopher Landon and Gregory Plotkin .

'Paranormal Activity: The Appointed' would be the first one that does not continue with the main story of the first four films, so it is considered as a spin off even though there are constant references and certain connections between his argument and what happened in the previous films.

At the end the saga is built on a unique timeline full of jumps in time, behind which one evil is responsible for everything.

'Paranormal Activity: Dimension ghost', the latest installment, follows a new family but is still connected to the rest of the series of films by Kristi and Katie, protagonists of several of the previous movies, that also appear in this sixth film.

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