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Tab Hunter


Full Name: Arthur Andrew Kelm

Date of birth: July 11, 1931

Country: USA

Height: 6'0"

Date of death: July 08, 2018 (86 years old)

With his All-American appearance (wavy blond hair, blue eyes and toothy smile), Hunter was one of the most popular male stars of the fifties thanks to the roles he played in films like 'Battle Cry' and 'The Burning Hills' ' In addition to his career as an actor, Hunter stood out as Young Love singer, leading the list of US singles Billboard Hot 100. However, once on top of Olympus, was harassed by rumors that ran about his homosexuality . The artist fell into disfavor as the sixties continued and a new generation of actors, such as Hoffman or Pacino, entered the quarry. Fortunately, Hunter was rediscovered over the years by a younger audience when he was selected along with Divine in 'Polyester', John Waters' low-budget comedy.