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ÚLTIMA HORA Telecinco cancelaría 'GH Dúo 2' para emitir 'Supervivientes' a principios de 2020

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'47 meters down: uncaged' trailer

Official trailer from the sequel to '47 Meters Down' in which three girls must face a very special shark and scape from it.

Mia is a teenager that has to mote to New Mexico and adapt to a new family with his father, Grant. While Grant spends some time working as an investigator in an ancient mayan city that lies in the deep sea, Mia starts to spend more of her time with Sasha, her stepsister. Mia, in her attempt to get along with them, takes Sasha and two of her friends to the underwater cave where Grant works and, without any supervision, they decide to dive into it.

What initially started as the wonderful plan of four girls to explore an ancient underwater city in the sea in a diving expedition, might turn into the worst nightmare of their lives as soon as they realize they have entered the forbidden territory of the deadliest shark alive in the oceans: the white shark. Through labyrinths made of submerged caves, claustrophobic tunnels and the progressive lack of oxygen, the young protagonist and her partners will have to face the nature's more violent side and manage to escape from the are alive, 47 meters down the sea with no clear options to survive.



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