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'A Dog Called Money' Trailer

Documentary about the recording of PJ Harvey's album 'The Hope Six Demolition Project'.

Seamus Murphy writes and directs this documentary that explores the creative nature of PJ Harvey, one of the most important musicians, singers and songwriters of her generation. Trough a series of travels to Kosovo, Afghanistan and Washington DC together, both artists see another vision of the world while they learn about each other and their works, either words or images, and then transport all they have seen and experience into a form of art. All of this is the creation process for 'The Hope Six Demolition Project', Harvey's number 1 album from 2016 that has its origin development in this film and where we can now see not only where and how it began as an artistic concept, but also how it was then recorded in London in an open to the public studio, creating a completely new experience to the audience and Harvey's all time fans who got to see first hand the magic of her music in action.



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