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'A Quiet Place' Trailer

This sequel for 'A Quiet Place' is also directed by John Krasinski and starring Emily Blunt.

The trailer for the second part of the northamerican blockbuster 'A quiet place' shows the beginning of the apocalyptic reality that the protagonists live in the first installment, all indications are that the flashbacks will be part of this production that will try to explain how the world became what it has become.

Back to the present Evelyn Abott's family (Emily Blunt) and herself try to continue their journey without the character of John Krasinski. In this new excursion to find a new home they will run into the character payed by Cillian Murphy who will show them another face of reality and soon other faces known as Djimon Hounsou will appear, little by little the group will grow and the chances of survival diminish.

Again under the direction of John Krasinski (which in principle does not appear again) promises to be one of the thrillers of the year as it happened with its predecessor.



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