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Última hora Naya Rivera de 'Glee' muere a los 33 años

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'Bobby the Hedgehog ' trailer

'Bobby the hedgehog' trailer, a chinese movie about the adventures of a hedgehod that has lose his memory.

Bobby is a proud and arrogant hedgehog but he is also the strongest of his forest. He is also the most rebellious member of his entire hedgehog tribe. But, against all odds, he gets injured during his fight against Tie Tui. The accident will make him lose y his memory and begin a mysterious journey during which he will have to deal with terrifying animals and cruel humans, meet new friends and become a completely different and renewed hedgehog. A totally fun adventure for children. Bobby will have as a loyal friend a fat bird that will help him on a very important mission. Bobby has learned that humans are developing a plan to kill all animals, so he will have to use all these new friends to survive and save all of his species. Thanks to these you will even have to fly, which a hedgehog like him is not of course very used to. Evil humans will do everything in their hands to prevent the hedgehog from getting away with it and tearing apart all the natural landscape in which they live.

'Bobby the hedgehog' is an animated film for a child audience that has its origin in China. It is directed by Jianming Huang, who is the producer of the also animated 'Superbook' series. It was released back in 2016 in China and arrived to USA theaters in 2017.



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