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Última hora Incendio en el set de rodaje de 'Stranger Things' en Albuquerque

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Deadpool and Korg react to the 'Free Guy' trailer

Deadpool makes his first appearence in the MCU in an hilarious reaction to the 'Free Guy' trailer, joined by Korg ('Thor: Ragnarok').

Deadpool appears for the first time as an official part of the MCU in an hilarious video reaction with Korg, the character that we met in 'Thor: Ragnarok'. This two react to the 'Free Guy' trailer, starring Ryan Reynolds himself and also Taika Waititi, who plays Korg.

In this way, Marvel officialy welcomes the character from the Fox 'X-Men' franchise, as a part of the MCU. The character played by Ryan Reynolds will also made his debut in a MCU film in a few years, as it was confirmed by Kevin Feige, CEO of Marvel Studios.

'Free Guy' will be released at theaters on August 13th.



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