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English trailer 'Earthquake bird'

Japan. 1980. Lucy' best friend has disappears mysteriously and the police starts to suspects she killed her when they find out both kept a love triangle.

En 1989, Lucy Fly (Alicia Vikander) vive en Tokio para olvidar. Ella huye a la capital de Japón para escapar de una vida dolorosa. Un día Lily Bridges (Riley Keough), su mejor amiga en la ciudad, desaparece sin avisar a nadie ni dejar rastro. Todo cambia cuando se desvela un dato incriminatorio: ambas habían estado manteniendo un triángulo amoroso con Teiji (Naoki Kobayashi), un seductor fotógrafo japonés. Desde ese momento, la policía empieza a creer que Lily ha sido asesinada y sospechan que Lucy es la asesina.

'Earthquake bird' is a mystery thriller based on the novel of Susanna Jones. This movie is directed by Wash Westmoreland and produced by Ridley Scott.

Among this cast of japanese actors and english speakers, shines the Oscar winner Alicia Vikander ('Tomb Raider', 'The danish girl', 'Ex Machina') as Lucy Fly, With her, the movie is also starred by Riley Keough ('The Lodge', 'Hold the Dark ', 'Under Silver Lake'), Naoki Kobayashi ('High & Low: The Movie 2', 'High & Low: The Movie 3'), Jack Houston ('The irishman', 'An Actor Prepares') and Kiki Sukezane ('Westworld', 'Lost in Space').



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