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English trailer 'The Kingmaker'

Documentary about Imelda Marcos, former First Lady of The Philippines, and her efforts to recover the political power of her family in the dictatorship of her husband.

'The Kingmaker' is a documentary which examines the figure of Imelda Marcos, First Lady of the Philippines since 1965 to 1989. During the rule of his husband, Ferdinand Marcos, the country was marked by the politic corruption of this dictator and the martial law. Although Philippines was suffering because the economic crisis, Imelda push extravagant architectural projects and she keep her wealthy live style. They government was for 21 years until Ferdinand was

destituted in the People Power Revolution (the Philippine Revolution of 1986), which restores the democracy. The documentary explores the narrative made by Imelda to show her national feeling and her love for her country in the past. Now, the main goal of the former First Lady is to recover the position of power of her family. To achieve it, she will do all what is possible to help his son, Bongbong, to reach the vice-presindency.

Lauren Greenfield ('Generation Wealth', 'The Queen of Versailles') directs, writes and produces this documentary. '

'The Kingmaker' was nominated for the Grierson Award in the London Film Festival.



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