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Última hora Dani Rovira ha superado su cáncer: “Hoy es el primer día del resto de mi vida”

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'First Love' english subtitles trailer

Preview of the complex Japanese film 'First Love', by director Takashi Miike.

Leo is a young Japanese boxer who lives in Tokyo. One day he will meet Monica, a young prostitute she will fall hopelessly in love with. In addition, Monica is addicted to drugs, thus involving Leo in a complex drug trafficking issue. Both will end up being persecuted in the night streets of the Japanese capital by a corrupt police officer, a yakuza (violent hitman of the crime and the Japanese mafia) and a murderer woman. This peculiar trio is capable of everything, endangering the life and integrity of Leo and Monica, who will have to manage to remain safe from the fearsome criminals.

'First Love' is a funny, romantic comedy that explores the innocence of love and its ability to overcome the greatest adversities that life can pose anyone, taking it to the extreme with the plot of drug addiction and mafia. A youth love story intertwined with the dangers of drug trafficking, crime and prostitution. Two worlds so much antagonistic that end up joining in a catharsis of jokes, moments of absolute tension and, ultimately, a hilarious and original adventure with constant twists of the most unexpected script.



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