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'Honey Boy' trailer

First spot from the film written by Shia LaBeouf, where he confess his life full of controversy and trauma, playing his own father.

Trailer for 'Honey Boy', Shia LaBeouf most personal and honest film. Written by himself while he was at rehab trying to solve his problems with alcohol, after being arrested in 2017. 'Honey Boy' tells his career since he was a young actor starting out until the point of his car crash and arrest. But trough all of it, the most important part is his relationship with his father. Complicated and traumatic, LaBeouf makes amends with his father by playing him on this film, and exploring the relationship both of them had while he was growing up. His father, and ex felon who worked as a clown and LaBeouf's manager as his career started, talked for the first time with him after the actor when to visit him when he got out of rehab. They had spent years without talking.

Noah Jupe and Lucas Hedges play the younger versions of LaBeouf himself, when he was 12 and 22 years old respectively.



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