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'Marriage Story' trailer

Official trailer of this Netflix film in which a couple breaks up but the family keeps together.

Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) is an actress who left a promising acting career when she met Charlie (Adam Driver), a theatre director with a perfectly planned life. With brutal chemistry and a son in common, this couple's love story will gradually degrade until it completely breaks, giving lurches between New York and Los Angeles. The film will show the love and heartbreak that this marriage lives and the ups and downs that will have to be overcome if they want the family to be united.

Noah Baumbach ('Frances Ha' and 'The Meyerowitz Sories'), director of the film, has created a love story that reveals itself inside of a break up, with the intention of showing the relationship through each character's eyes. Each story has many sides and the film tries to go around those different points of view with the aim of discovering a shared truth. In this film it isn't enough with an emotional spectator, it looks for a spectator who experiment the weight of a process like a breakup.



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