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'Onward' Ad: "Focus" VO

Ian and Barley Lightfoot will go on a trip full of adventures just to see their father one more time.

Pixar Studios returns once again with a tale of magic and whimsy in the form of 'Onward'. Set in a world without humans where mythical creatures such as mermaids, gnomes, sirens and elves all exist in harmony, Ian (Tom Holland, 'Spider-Man; Homecoming') and Barley Lightfoot (Chris Pratt, 'Guardians of the Galaxy') are two teenage elf brothers who receive the surprise of a lifetime on Ian's 16th birthday. Ian inherits his father's magical staff and is told that they have 24 hours to complete the magic spell that will bring their late father back to life. When Ian fumbles during the spell's casting, however, only his father's legs are brought back, and so the two brothers - timid Ian and rambunctious Barley - set out on a mission to bring back the rest of the father before they have to say goodbye to him forever. From gas stations full of pixies to encounters with fire-breathing monsters, the two legendary brothers are willing to do anything to see their old man one more time.



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